Once in life

Would you like to do special step in your life? You decided to tell your girlfriend that she is the right women for you and you would like to married her? It is time for congratulations, but do you know how to do it? If you don´t want only classic dinner in city restaurant, you definitely should try our package. We offer you special occasion and everything will be really easy, because your task will be only buying a ring and then choose the right package. We can arrange everything that you need. Try our marriage proposal ideas, because it is great way. Why don´t stay in eco-chic Chateau Hotel, where you can arrive by special limousine and you can have great dinner from the best restaurant in the Czech Republic.

Perfect day

We know that there is possibility that you don´t want spent your day in luxury hotel and you don´t want go by limousine, so it is not necessary to choose concrete package, but you can have individual package along your imagination. We can make reservation in your favourite restaurant or hotel, or prepare great decoration in your favourite park and your espousal will be magic!

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